What is Mobi Munch all about?

Mobi Munch is a team comprised of dedicated food lovers, industry professionals and pioneers, truck guys, head honchos and some pretty passionate truck employees who love the adventures they step into each and everyday on a truck. We live, breathe and (definitely) eat food trucks. 


Who covers insurance?

The renter is responsible for their own insurance. Contact us for a list of insurance requirements. 

Do you rent out of state?

Yes, we offer rental programs nationwide. Please call 213.289.9805 for more information.

Licenses and Permits

What do I do about permits?

The renter is responsible for obtaining their own Health Permit and Business Licenses. 


Will the driver work events?

Yes, of course! Once the truck is in position and ready, he/she is all yours!

Who covers insurance?

Mobi Munch carries insurance for the truck and driver only during the rental period. Commercial General Liability, Automobile Liability and Workers Comp.

My tour requires more than one person. Can you provide additional staff?

In the Greater Los Angeles area, yes. However we do not hire employees in other states


I make an amazing burger! Can you help me get it out onto the streets?

While we cannot start a business for you or consult with you on how to start a business, we can definitely help out picking the right truck thats for you with the appropriate equipment, help streamline your menu, give you some secrets to street vending, help with city     permits, etc.

I am running a marketing campaign and I don't know where to park the truck? HELP!

We would be happy to help give you suggested free parking spots in LA and even help contact local business or areas to partner up with.


I'd like to hire your truck to cater my event.

Great choice! We do have a few trucks in the California area available for catering. Please send your event information to:

catering@thechairmanla.com for the Los Angeles area

kevin@thechairmansf.com for the San Francisco area

sonofabun@mobimunch.com for the Los Angeles area

lalolaloca@mobimunch.com for the Los Angeles area