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Best-in-Class Food Truck Rentals and Sales

Mobi Munch is a total solutions provider to the modern street food industry.  We offer a fleet of newly built food trucks for short and long term rental.  We also develop, manage and operate a portfolio of ready-to-license food truck concepts.  



Short and long term FOOD TRUCK RENTAL

Select between our Classic Truck or new Isuzu Truck. Rental includes food truck vehicle and beginners training session. Terms and conditions apply. Additional charges may apply. Based on truck availability. Security deposit required.



Includes food truck vehicle, insurance, driver and travel expenses. Terms and conditions apply. Additional charges may apply. Based on truck availability. Security deposit required.

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Fresh American

*Currently available for licensing

*Currently available for catering in the Los Angeles area

In a complicated, fast-paced world, sometimes all you need is fresh, real food. Son of a Bun (SOB) truck offers freshly pressed ground beef patty burgers, juicy grilled chicken breast and all-beef dogs in 4 awesome styles: House, Western, AvoEgg and Picante. To go along with that we have skinny, crispy fries seasoned with our signature seasoning blend and other side options available. 

At SOB eating with us is never a complicated or compromising experience. Made Fresh, Freshly Made. Upgrading simplicity to its finest.

If you'd like to start your own Son Of A Bun, contact Mobi Munch at

If you'd like to book Son Of A Bun to cater your next event in the L.A. area, contact



*Currently available for catering in the San Francisco area

Launched in the summer of 2009 in San Francisco, The Chairman is a Taiwanese bao-bun concept created by

Chef Hiroo Nagahara, former Executive Chef of Bar Charlie owned by renowned fine dining restauranteur Charlie Trotter. The truck has numerous accolades in the SF area including Best Food Truck by San Francisco Magazine!

The Chairman’s steamed baos are crafted by a local, family-owned restaurant that’s been making buns in SF for over 40 years. The yeast culture, imported directly from China, imparts the sweet and authentic taste that our fans have grown to love. 

The Chairman is not currently available for licensing, but to book them for your next event in the San Francisco area, contact



*Currently available for licensing

*Currently available for catering in the Los Angeles area

If La Lola Loca could talk, she’d tell you that the essence of Latin American cuisine is more than marinated meats and fiery toppings in time-honored pairings: it’s about the tradition of sharing those plates with a friend…or five. And if our tacos could talk? Well, those tasty little fellas would admit they’re the perfect fuel for the festivities to come.

La Lola Loca offers tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more! Fillings include: grilled marinated chicken with pico, chipotle BBQ braised pork with cilantro lime slaw, ancho carne asada with fire roasted corn salsa and a great vegetarian frijoles frito option. Everything is made fresh daily with love by Lola's fun and festive team!

If you'd like to start your own La Lola Loca, contact Mobi Munch at

If you'd like to book La Lola Loca to cater your next event in the L.A. area, contact

Fàn Boy

Asian Fusion

*Currently available for licensing

Fàn means “rice” in Chinese and Fanboy means “serious devotee” in English. Fàn Boy is about serving time-honored flavors of the Far East by combining all-natural meat marinades with bold and authentic flavors on top of hot steaming rice.

Customers can choose their rice, protein, sauce and toppings to create their own rice bowl. The menu is rounded out with other specialty items such as lettuce wraps, Fàn Boy waffle fries with marinated beef and crispy egg rolls.

If you'd like to start your own Fàn Boy, contact Mobi Munch at


For Mobi Rental Program, Marketing Tour Food Trucks and Consulting, Contact:

For Mobi Branded Concepts, Contact:

For Catering Services, Contact:


Mobi offers comprehensive consultations to get you pointed in the right direction. The first hour is on us, with a signed agreement for paid consulting hours or a truck rental. 

Other areas of consultation include but are not limited to: equipment solutions, taking your menu/brand and operating it on a food truck, efficient mobile food operations.


Interested in working for Mobi Munch Inc. or on one of our food trucks? Send your resume and cover letter to

Mobi Munch Inc. 1200 East 5th Street Los Angeles, CA 90013 213.289.9800


What is Mobi Munch all about?

Mobi Munch is a team comprised of dedicated food lovers, industry professionals and pioneers, truck guys, head honchos and some pretty passionate truck employees who love the adventures they step into each and everyday on a truck. We live, breathe and (definitely) eat food trucks. 


Who covers insurance?

The renter is responsible for their own insurance. Contact us for a list of insurance requirements. 

Do you rent out of state?

Yes, we offer rental programs nationwide. Please call 213.289.9805 for more information.

Licenses and Permits

What do I do about permits?

The renter is responsible for obtaining their own Health Permit and Business Licenses. 


Will the driver work events?

Yes, of course! Once the truck is in position and ready, he/she is all yours!

Who covers insurance?

Mobi Munch carries insurance for the truck and driver only during the rental period. Commercial General Liability, Automobile Liability and Workers Comp.

My tour requires more than one person. Can you provide additional staff?

In the Greater Los Angeles area, yes. However we do not hire employees in other states


I make an amazing burger! Can you help me get it out onto the streets?

While we cannot start a business for you or consult with you on how to start a business, we can definitely help out picking the right truck thats for you with the appropriate equipment, help streamline your menu, give you some secrets to street vending, help with city     permits, etc.

I am running a marketing campaign and I don't know where to park the truck? HELP!

We would be happy to help give you suggested free parking spots in LA and even help contact local business or areas to partner up with.


I'd like to hire your truck to cater my event.

Great choice! We do have a few trucks in the California area available for catering. Please send your event information to: for the Los Angeles area for the San Francisco area for the Los Angeles area for the Los Angeles area